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Bio: Description
Glassine silicone paper (base paper is glassine) is high-temperature resistance, moisture-proof and oil proof. It's symmetrical and has dense texture and a good internal strength and light transmittance.Our natural glassine release paper is made by 100% virgin wood pulp and high technology, which makes our glassine paper widely welcomed in the international market.We offer a wide range of width and weight for customer to choose, such as 62g/㎡,70g/㎡,80g/㎡ and etc. and the width is customized.
1Highly Smooth Surface2Lay Flatness3High Density
4High Temperature Resistance5Good Transparency6Stable Peel Strength
Width : 130mm-1590mm
Weight : 35-120g/㎡
Release Values : easy, medium, tight
Silicone technology : solvent - free, solvent
Retail&Pricing LabelsSelf-Adhesive LabelsTapes&Adhesive Materials
Office LabelsAuxiliary Materials for Shoes and Garment IndustriesHolograms
Medicated ApplicationAutomobile IndustriesPrinting and Decoration
We have been researching the new technology and trying to produce the best glassine release paper.
Meanwhile, we have the efficient production control system also the professional customer service team.
Packing and slitting
Individual packing and slitting possibilities on customer's demand (reel width, linear meters per reel or sqm, core diameter)
Free sample:
Paper samples will be offered if customer want to test quality.
Galleryglassine paper release liner
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