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Bio: Sailboat Yacht Boat Fender

G0 D 110*L 400(mm)
D 4.5*L 16(inch) 500g 20PCS/42*31*45cm
G1 D 140*L 500(mm)
D 5.5*L 20(inch) 850g 10PCS/52*40*25cm
G2 D 160*L 580(mm)
D 6.5*L 23(inch) 1000g 10PCS/58*46*29cm
G3 D 210*L 680(mm)
D 8.5*L 27(inch) 1800g 10PCS/68*32*45cm
G4 D 280*L 780(mm)
D 10*L 30(inch) 2800g 10PCS/76*39*46cm
G5 D380mm*980(mm)
D 15*38.5 (inch) 5000g
A25 D 250*H 310(mm)
D 9.8*H 12.2(inch) 850g 30PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A29 D 290*H 350(mm)
D 11.4*H 13.8(inch) 900g 25PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A40 D 400*H 450(mm)
D 15.7*H 17.8(inch) 2500g 10PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A45 D 450*H 500(mm)
D 17.8*H 19.7(inch) 3000g 8PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A50 D 500*H 550(mm)
D 19.7*H 21.6(inch) 3300g 6PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A55 D 550*H 600(mm)
D 21.6*H 23.6(inch) 4000g 5PCS/70*45*48(cm)
A65 D 650*H 700(mm)
D 25.6*H 27.5(inch) 4500g 5PCS/76*39*46(cm)
A75 D 750*H 800(mm)
D 29.5*H 31.5(inch) 5000g 4PCS/100*58*46(cm)
Product Advantages
1)Raw material: inflatable boat fender is made of high quality PVC raw material, environmental non-toxic, anti-aging, corrosion resistance to seawater. We added the UV resistance
material, sunscreen and will not fade even long time exposure to the sun.
2) buoys are produced by Mold.Ears and body as a whole and never be separated.
3) brand A type boat fender is water drop shape design.
4) inflatable boat fender is very easy to inflate with the inflating needles we give.
5) Provide supporting services
6) The product of pressure wear-resistant
Application pictures
The fender is widely applied to the yacht, boat, yacht pier, floating platform

Why Chose Us
1)High quality environmental protection raw material
2)Easy installation and convenient in Inflate
3)Professional working valve(not damage the boat fender)
4)Logo and new mold--- allowed
5)High quality Fender rope and fender cover ---allowed
6)visit our factory---allowed
Our Services
1.Sample service
we can provide one sample for free, but freight collect
2. customized service
We can accept to open new mould as your request
1.Please use our professional working valve inflate the fender
2.Avoid the Sharp objects when use the fender

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